About Us

 Who is The Travelling Merchant?

The Travelling Merchant brings wonderous and exotic goods from the far reaches of the world and puts those items on display here, for you! He's your lovable boisterous NPC that fills your mind with wonder and inspiration.

We are avid dnd 5e dungeon masters & players from New Zealand and wanted to bring the same experience of shopping in a fantasy world to real life. We created The Travelling Merchant to give you the same feeling you get when you meet this character or other magical & mysterious vendors in your tabletop games.

Allow me to introduce myself

Well met traveller! I have travelled to distant lands and procured the finest assortment of goods for those willing to step inside my magnificent store. From the arctic tundra of the Antarctic to the far reaches of the Sahara desert, I assure you that I have left no stone unturned, no footstep untaken in the search of the highest quality wares.

Throughout your journey here you will be dealing with me, The Travelling Merchant. Known famously for the feather I wear in my cavalier hat. The mere sight of a feather reignites the wonderful memories of my store for past patrons. An association as strong as a sword to a shield, one glance at a feather and you won't be able to get me out of your mind.

I would love to hear from you!

I have put together a collection of dice & other magical tabletop accessories for you to explore and use for your games. If you have any recommendations for the store or have any products that you would like to see in our store that doesn't yet exist please leave some feedback.

Go to the "Contact us" page which can be found in the navbar at the top of the page and let your old friend The Travelling Merchant know what you would love to see!

Shipping Details

Our current shipping carrier is NZ post using overnight delivery.
We aim to process all orders on the night of the order being made, and should be picked up by the courier the next day. 
You can expect to hear from us with the tracking details!