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DnD Dice Set - Water Weird

DnD Dice Set - Water Weird

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 Fast Shipping! : We deliver in approximately 3 business days throughout NZ

 Two-Tone Polymer : Beautiful two-tone polymer dice, each tailor made to fit an in game monster/item

 Quality Finish : Each dice is finished with a glossy exterior that further enhances the rolling experience


These Water Weird dice are made with the perfect blend of blue and white polymer plastic. The glossy finish make these dice feel smooth in the hand, making them easy to roll onto your gaming table. A Water Weird is an elemental guardian bound to a specific water-filled location, such as a pool or fountain. Invisible while immersed in water, its serpentine shape becomes clear only when it emerges to attack. Roll these dice and remind your players to drink more water!

With these dice in your bag of holding you too can wield the power of a Water Weird in your campaigns!

"This is an essential item for the budding adventurer" - The Travelling Merchant

Material Two-tone Polymer
Colour Blue & White
Finish Glossed
Shipping 3 Business Days


This set comes with the following dice:

  • 1pc x 20 sided dice
  • 1pc x 12 sided dice
  • 1pc x 10 sided dice (0-9)
  • 1pc x 10 sided dice (00-90)
  • 1pc x 8 sided dice
  • 1pc x 6 sided dice
  • 1pc x 4 sided dice
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    "The quality has weight to it that feels great... The shipping was quick and the product comes with some cool add ons..."
    - Kirst

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    "Amazing, came in two days with the dice I wanted. Free shipping, an extra dice bag and a note which is personally hand signed.
    Buy from them as you will not regret this decision"

    - Joshua

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    "Super cool product and fast shipping! 10/10 would recommend!"
    - Harry