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Metal DnD Dice - d100 Gold

Metal DnD Dice - d100 Gold

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 Fast Shipping! : We deliver in approximately 3 business days throughout NZ

 Comfortable Roll : The d100 ball is the size of a pool ball and fits nicely in your palm

 Makes % Rolls Faster, Easier & More Fun! : Quickly roll the d100 when you need to make a percentage roll on the d100 table

"The perfect DM's accessory" - The Travelling Merchant

If you want dice for your tabletop rpg games such as dnd 5e then you have come to the right place!

It's time to roll on the d100 table! Maybe your player's wild magic has gone loose, you need to a random encounter, or perhaps you are checking the percentage chance your player gets that disease for eating the rotten meat in the dungeon you warned them not to eat? Whatever the case may be rolling the d100 dice is such a fun way to determine the outcome. We absolutely love these dice and they are hilarious to roll at the table when you need to do a d100 roll.

Add the Metal d100 Gold dice to your bag of holding and elevate your experience at the gaming table.


Material Zinc Alloy
Colour Gold
Shipping 3 Business Days


This set comes with the following dice:

  • 1pc x 100 sided metal dice
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      "The quality has weight to it that feels great... The shipping was quick and the product comes with some cool add ons..."
      - Kirst

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      "Amazing, came in two days with the dice I wanted. Free shipping, an extra dice bag and a note which is personally hand signed.
      Buy from them as you will not regret this decision"

      - Joshua

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      "Super cool product and fast shipping! 10/10 would recommend!"
      - Harry