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The Travelling Merchant

Wooden DnD Tankard Mug

Wooden DnD Tankard Mug

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 Fast Shipping! : We deliver in approximately 3 business days throughout NZ

 Large Volume : Drink to your heart's content. The tankard is large and holds 600ml of fluid

 Comfortable Grip : The tankard has a large handle that makes drinking from it comfortable and easy

"Fancy joining me for an ale at the Angry Orc Inn"? - The Travelling Merchant

The wooden barrell dnd mug is great to decorate a bar, as a gift, or to use when you play dnd. The tankard is crafted from stainless steel and resin in a design that resembles the wooden fantasy tankards you would find in a fantasy tavern or inn. If you are looking to increase the immersion at your gaming table, then this is the perfect mug to drink from when playing dungeons & dragons or any other tabletop rpg. 

The next time your party visits a tavern or inn, pour a drink into the wooden dnd mug and say cheers while you drink with your friends.


Material Stainless Steel + Resin
Dimensions 16.5*9.5*14.5cm
Capacity 600ml
Shipping 3 Business Days


This product includes:

  • 1 x 600ml Wooden Barrel Design Dnd Tankard

Product size: 16.5*9.5*14.5cm

Cleaning Instructions: Just rinse with water. Not suitable for dishwashers.

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